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Each module is designed to walk to through the steps needed for success at your own pace. Please proceed through the videos in order. Video content and printable PDF's set the framework for you to take hold of your own healing journey. These courses contain the same information you would discuss in private sessions with Dr Hosley, available in this format so that you can take control of your journey, your way. There are options for both purchasing the videos individually or saving money with the whole course investment.

Overcoming Addiction


Save by purchasing the whole course

The Overcoming Addiction course follows the Understanding Addiction course to further your journey. Included are:

  • The 8 Elements of Healing taught by Dr Ryan Hosley
  • 9 Video Lessons

  • 9 Downloadable PDF worksheets 

Gaining membership to this course allows you access to this guide whenever it's needed. Take the first step and enroll today.


Marriage Course Phase 1


Save by purchasing the whole course

In this course you will learn the path to stabilizing your marriage where it's at, and build new foundations for the future. The course includes:

  • 7 Lessons that address betrayal, boundaries, and healing. 

  • 7 Video Lessons

  • 7 Downloadable PDF worksheets

Walking through this course will give you a greater understanding of what your marriage needs to move forward.



All Access Membership


All Access provides you with  all the Courses in the Overcomer's Way Library including courses released in the future. These courses currently include:

  • What is Addiction?

  • Is there Hope for My Marriage?

  • How Can I Really Heal? 

A typical journey with Dr Hosley teaching these principals step by step is valued at $12,000-$14,000/year. The content is high value and available to you for only $995.


Marriage Course Phase 2


Save by purchasing the whole course

After you have done the work to stabilize and firm up the foundations of your marriage in Phase 1, continue learning how to deepen trust and intimacy with Phase 2.

  • 7 lessons that take a deeper look at the key elements of lasting trust.
  • 7 New Videos
  • 7 Downloadable PDF Worksheets

This course is  currently in production. We look forward to opening it soon.



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