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Explore the free resources here to understand yourself and your situation more completely.  If you’re looking for solutions, there are several courses with engaging videos and relevant tasks for you to complete.  Start now, on the Overcomer’s Way to a better life.


Resources to empower change.  The Overcomer’s Way is a resource that may complement your current counseling process, prepare you for counseling, or be enough to help you without the additional need for counseling.  We have created targeted courses with training modules to guide you on the path towards healing.


The content of these courses was forged in nearly 20 years of training and practice by Dr. Hosley and these tools and principles are the very principles that he uses when personally guiding clients along the path to healing.

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Dr Hosley

Learn about Dr Hosley's heart for your journey.


Is There Hope for My Marriage?

The short answer is yes.  It takes hard work, but if you're willing restoration and healing are possible.


What Is Addiction?

From understanding what addiction is, to processing how to really stop those behaviors, learn the tools that will lead you to freedom.


How Can I Really Heal?

During the process of healing you may need additional resources from books, materials, and community groups. 



As a pastor, I have referred multiple men to seek counsel and direction from Dr. Hosley. I know he cares greatly for his clients and helps them immensely.



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