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Addiction is bringing isolation, pain, loss, and fear into your life. When you overcome your addiction, you bring freedom, peace, and restoration to your life. 

Understanding Addiction

You need to know what your problem is before you can effectively overcome it.

Often, people think that if they stop one thing, that will make their addiction go away. What they do not realize is that that one behavior is just the tip of the iceberg. Addiction is often more than people realize. 

Below is a course overview. 

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What is Addiction? 

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What Does Addiction Look Like?

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Am I Addicted?

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Understanding your addiction is the first step to overcoming it.  

What is Addiction?

The Criteria of Addiction

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  • Do you repeatedly fail to resist impulses or engage in a specific behavior to a greater extent or for a longer period of time than intended?
  • Have you thought about stopping or often tried to stop or control specific behaviors and failed?
  • Have you obsessed about preparing for a behavior or obtaining a substance?
  • Have you spent excessive time doing something or recovering from your activities?
  • Have you chosen a substance or behavior over other obligations that you were expected to be fulfilling, e.g. work, school, family or social obligations?
  • Have you continued despite recurring social, financial, emotional, or physical problems that have resulted?
  • Do you need to increase the intensity of the behavior or take more of the substance to achieve the desired effect?
  • Do you experience anxiety, become angry or feel restless if unable to obtain your desired substance or behavior?
What Does Addiction Look Like?

The Experience of Addiction 

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  • Do you isolate? 
  • Do you feel disconnected or empty?
  • Are there relationship-based situations in your life that remain unchanged after several moths or years? 
  • What do you do to cope? 
  • Do you resist trusting others? 
  • Do other people in your life ever suggest that you may have a problem? 
  • What do you do more than you use to to find the same relief or high? 
  • What do you do repeatedly to feel differently?
  • What all are you addicted to? 
  • What forms of physical dependency do you experience? 
  • What forms of psychological dependency do you experience? 
  • Do you ever have beliefs about yourself that you wish nobody ever knew? 
  • What is the most negative thought that you consistently have about yourself? 
  • Do you ever find yourself saying "I need..."? What do you need? 
  • Who would be a positive or safe person to turn to with your needs? 
Am I Addicted?

Addiction Assessment

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  • What are your primary behaviors? 
  • What are some moments when you realized you could no longer continue making these choices? 
  • What does your day usually look like? 


Overcoming Addiction Overview

This course is designed to help you overcome addiction.  Each lesson is specific to a task essential for understanding and addressing a facet of the addictive process and root causes. The lessons themselves are stand alone and it is recommended that you complete them in order, as each prepares you for elements of another. Revisiting a lesson for further reflection and understanding is expected - take your time and be thorough. 


Each video is under 10 minutes in length and the tasks vary in length depending on the topic.  You may find that you can complete a task in one sitting or you may need to take a break, reflect, rest, and revisit.  Whatever your need - invest in yourself and commit to completing each task because you're worth it and it works!
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