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Welcome to RiverTime. 

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What Is RiverTime?



The Value Of Time On The River


Life's pressures and the strain of leading have you feeling isolated, anxious, and like you are on the edge of failure. 

You are tired. 

You need to do something before you crash and burn.  

RiverTime brings you a unique experience.

You will unburden yourself, feel light and excited again, and clarify your game plan.

You will be able to address, with energy, the most important priorities in your life. 


RiverTime is a pristine outdoor experience. An excursion in a timeless wooden drift boat. And the insight of Dr. Hosley - a seasoned psychologist, experienced coach, and whitewater and fishing guide. 

Get On The River

What Is The Process?

We will start our time together on the Clackamas River, near Portland, Oregon. 

The first step is to create space. To put your phone away. To be at rest. We will get to know each other. 

Pausing on the banks of the river, we will spend some time together. 

You will push your reset button.

You will unburden yourself from unhealthy fears, mistakes, and shameful thoughts.

Feeling renewed, we will restore your vision and clarify key priorities.

When we reach the end of the day, you will feel lighter, more focused, and have a game plan. 

For the next several months we will meet regularly to help you stay light and create momentum in a positive direction.

Get On The River

What Happens After RiverTime?


You go home and get back at it. You're back in the fight. 

RiverTime trips take 6 to 7 hours and are the first step to staying in the fight for your most important priorities. To be sure you succeed we will take 3 to 6 months of regularly scheduled bimonthly coaching sessions to actualize the clarity of identity and purpose in your life. 

This is a very special process that is unique in the world of counseling and coaching. With limited availability, Dr. Hosley is currently only offering four trips a month. Set up a phone call and talk with Dr. Hosley about RiverTime. 

Get On The River

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