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What is the Overcomer's Way?

The Overcomer’s Way was birthed in partnership.  Dr. Ryan Hosley and his wife Kameo were asked in 2015 to contribute to a book by Authored by Paul Tsika entitled, The Overcomer’s Edge.  This book has been well received and amongst the chapters by Paul Tsika, Dr. Hosley, wrote about Overcoming Addiction and Kameo about Overcoming Betrayal. 


The goal of the Overcomer’s Edge was to help free people from common challenges that can keep them from finding excellence in life.  The resources here are the next step.  Dr. Hosley brings years of experience as a psychologist and several of the conversations and tasks that he personally helps his client work through – To help you Overcome.  Get the better of addiction.  Surmount the challenge of marital betrayal and restore what was lost.  Overwhelm a mediocre relationship with excellence.  Defeat your personal challenges you may so that you can get back to winning in life.  


Resources to empower change.  The Overcomer’s Way is a resource that may compliment your current counseling process, prepare you for counseling, or be enough to help you without the additional need for counseling.  We have created targeted courses with training modules to guide you on the path towards healing.


The content of these courses was forged in nearly 20 years of training and practice by Dr. Hosley and these tools and principles are the very principles that he uses when personally guiding a client along the path to healing.

About Dr Ryan Hosley

As an entrepreneur, father to a large family, people enthusiast, deeply spiritual person and lover of the outdoors, Dr. Ryan Hosley likes to think he is not your typical psychologist or personal coach.  He is a native Oregonian who has owned and operated various businesses since his teenage years, he has a background as a collegiate basketball player, and when he isn’t helping others achieve their potential he is likely busy taking his wife and children on adventures like whitewater rafting, fishing, snow skiing or eating a family meal. He believes that life should be full of passion that is based on a clear vision and understanding of who you are and what you're capable of. 

Dr. Hosley is a licensed psychologist in Oregon.  He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in history with a minor in philosophy from Gordon College in Massachusetts.  He then completed his MA and PsyD in clinical psychology through George Fox University.  He has been licensed in clinical practice since 2009. 

In addition to his training in clinical psychological issues, Dr. Hosley has also undergone extensive training in the diagnosis and treatment of addictive/compulsive behaviors and their root causes. As a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist and Addiction Specialist, he has the skills needed to help you create lasting sobriety, achieve a healthy life, and restore your most valued relationships.

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